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What does 3’59 mean?

Never before had someone been capable of breaking the four-minute mile (1,609 meters). Not until Roger Bannister made it on May 6, 1954, lowering the world record to 3’59”.

Bannister’s legacy goes beyond this sporting success. His 3’59” helped overcome one of the biggest challenges in the world of athletics. Those 1,069 meters had seemed impossible until Bannister crossed the finished line on the Iffley Road track.

3’59’s philosophy is inspired by this heroic deed, which proved that today’s limits will become tomorrow’s challenges. The learning solutions at 3’59 help promote the talent of the people, teams and organizations following this sport spirit and making them the real protagonists of their own future.

The purpose of 3’59 is to help improve the world of organizations through meaningful learning.

Continuous learning is our most powerful engine. We believe in people’s innate desire to improve themselves.

New shoes for new paths

Our new TODAY presents challenges for which we haven’t trained yet and they require us to prepare in a different way. We need to learn in unknown territories, more than ever before.

Today’s limits are tomorrow’s challenges. That’s why we help organizations in this re-learning process with innovative programs and different ways of training. All of them designed to meet the demands of these new times:

 social intelligence
 innovative leadership
 and a lot of listening.

At 3’59 we help organizations get their feet in their starting box. Ready, set, GO!

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We design high-impact, comprehensive training itineraries tailored to the needs of
your organization.


Inspired by the way in which athletes learn from sports: with no shortcuts, with patience, self-discipline and commitment.



Our 3’59 Philosophy is finally here to show us that today’s limits are tomorrow’s challenges.


We bring value by activating your organization’s talent through its three biggest drivers: ppeople, leaders and teams.

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